Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When Justin and I visited the JONAH HEX set in New Orleans a few months back, the only person in the movie that wasn't there was Megan Fox. she had shot all her scenes before we got there. we had brought a gift of art to each of the actors and some of the crew on set when we were there and I had left the art with one of the producers to give her.

Two months later, I am in San Diego at Comic Con and at the photography runway where all the press gets to shoot an interview all the "real" celebrities at Comic Con and there was Megan. I figured I would take advantage of the situation and introduce myself. she was surrounded by about 30 people so I went and said hi and introduced myself to her " handler" . She was very nice and her eyes went wide when I told her who I was...and ran to get Megan. A minute later, there she is in front of me and we had a nice chat...about the comic, about the art I left for her and about the film. She was sweet, humble and genuine in the couple of minutes we spoke.

Yeah, I wish I had a more exciting story to know, something that involved candle light, a pile of bodies and a missing "video" , but honestly...I was just happy to meet another of the talented crew on the film and really have high hopes for the film. As for Megan, I wish her well...she could have blown me off or ignored me , but didn't and went out of her way to take time with me, and in my book, thats cool.

oh yeah, I took that crappy photo.


This is the cover to The Last Resort #3, out in october I am told. Honestly, I am waiting for IDW to get their previews of this issue rolling out to the websites any minute, but i figured until then i can at least show DARWYN COOKE'S beautiful cover. Darwyn is a close good friend and there for me on a lot of my projects in so many times just for advice and other times with his talent in hand. he has done 5 covers for this series and honestly, the books are worth it alone, in my eyes, for the fantastic fun covers. Dont get me wrong, I think the inside is brilliant as well . Giancarlo Carcuzzo is now one of my top favorite artists to work with and anyone who has picked up an issue of the series will understand why in a heartbeat.

Monday, September 28, 2009

THE PRO...another printing in the works.

This is a fun pin up that amanda did for someone or somewhere and I figured I would share. we are about to go into ,Ii think, 5th printing on the book this winter to keep the book out there. We had this in development with SPIKE TV this past year as an animated show, but they passed on it. we all know the book and you already know...or in a way, this pin up says it all. that amanda....


Above is the title piece of a book Justin Gray and i have been working on with Phil Noto between Phil's "real" paying gigs. we hope that 2011 is the year we release this title...probably through our good friends at image comics. Justin and i have a bunch of books we are working on like beware...they are coming.

The book is a bit of a sci-fi story mixed up with the reality that the world is changing very quickly because of over population. what we have here is TRIGGERGIRL 6, doing the job the first 5 triggergirl's didn't accomplish... obviously, I don't want to give anything away...but it really is a fun story with some beautiful as ever Phil Noto art. Phil and I have been working together since doing the BEAUTIFUL KILLER series for Blackbull comics a few years back. Phil really is a top notch artist and a great friend.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I actually modeled for this piece...Amanda's mother was in town and i asked her to take a photo of me with my head against the kitchen table. I then penciled it out using the photo for reference and inked it up and handed it to my buddy brandon peterson to color. notice how he added the slight reflection in the blood below the face...excellent work.

anyway, we printed 600 of these alternate covers to go over issue #! for a retailer show in october of 2008...and it went over pretty well. the trade book is out now and can be ordered as well from amazon if your local store isn't helping you out and getting it. I am very proud of all the work that went into this book...hell, i even took one in the coconut for the cover ...isn't that commitment enough?

and last, i got free time this weekend, so i am posting some cool things here and there. thanks for those that joined the blog. will try to keep it fresh.

POWERGIRL #5 splash page.

This is a double page splash, sort of, from powergirl 5 by Amanda and Paul mounts. kind of nice to see it without the lettering in the way, and even nicer to appreciate the storytelling Amanda does here. what i found really interesting about all the reviews of this issue was the fascination with the bare feet. each review focused on that and how well they were rendered. seems to me there are a lot of foot fetish people out there, and more power to them. anyway, if you haven't given powergirl a shot, this is a fun issue to jump on and give it a try.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is one of my favorite PAINKILLER JANE images ever. it shows my gal pal Kristanna Loken being the hard ass killer I always imagined the show to feature. It fell short of my expectations because of a lot of people getting involved that had no real vision or understanding of the comic property. that said, Kristanna was just perfect in my eyes and i would work again with her in a heartbeat. a finer, cooler person you just cant find.

powergirl #7 cover

This is a rough color job done for the diamond catalog ...but you get the idea. Based on the Nick Cardy original cover in the 70's where it was superman holding lois lane. Amanda as usual on art and the amazing Paul Mounts on color. enjoy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kickstart To Publish SPLATTERMAN


Kickstart Productions, the company behind last summer’s smash comic-to-film hit WANTED and such upcoming projects as WANTED 2 and THE PREACHER, to be directed by Sam Mendes and being adapted by John August, has teamed up with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray to publish their newest comic idea SPLATTERMAN. This will be Kickstart’s second publishing endeavor with Palmiotti, having produced BACK TO BROOKLYN with Palmiotti and Garth Ennis earlier this year via Image.

SPLATTERMAN tells the story of two twenty something comic creators who self-publish their own horror comic book SPLATTERMAN, which quickly becomes a cult sensation that becomes …well, more then they ever bargained for. It’s a classic mix of action, horror and drama that feeds into the obsessive behavior of fan worship and takes it to new and bloody heights.

SPLATTERMAN is the first among many upcoming comic books that Kickstart will publish under their Kickstart Comics Inc. banner over the next 18 months. Jason Netter established Kickstart Productions in 1999 as a live action and animation production company. With a focus on comic book based material, Kickstart is producing several comic book based projects for film and television.

In television, Kickstart is currently in development on an animated series based on PROOF at Sony with Samuel Jackson. Kickstart also produced the 22 episodes series PAINKILLER JANE and the animated pilot AMAZING SCREW ON HEAD for SyFy (Sci Fi) Channel, a pilot script JOHNNY DYNAMITE at NBC, animated shorts HAPPY MONSTER BAND for Disney Channel, and HAPPILY NEVER AFTER 2 for Lions Gate. Kickstart is also currently in production on the second season of the animated TV series version of WOLVERINE & THE X MEN.

On the feature film side, Kickstart is currently in development on HENCH with Danny McBride to write and star at Warner Brothers, THE RED STAR, to be directed by Timur Bekmambetov at Universal, THE BOYS at Sony, MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK at Disney with Andy Fickman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, THE COURIERS with Intrepid Pictures and CROSSED with Mike De Luca and Trigger Street and a screenplay being written by Garth Ennis. Jason Netter is also producing ROBOTECH at Warner Brothers, which will star Tobey Maguire.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are known as exceptional talents in comic books, animation, video games and television. Their success range from JONAH HEX, THE MONOLITH and POWERGIRL for Warner Brothers to MARVEL KNIGHTS, DAREDEVIL and HEROES FOR HIRE for marvel entertainment. In the film and television world their success ranges from PAINKILLER JANE for the Sci-Fi channel, THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING for Fox Atomic, SPEED RACER and the animated feature DEADSPACE: DOWNFALL for Starz. Palmiotti and Gray are represented by ICM.

Quote from Jimmy Palmiotti, “I am extremely excited to be working with the crew at Kickstart crew on SPLATTERMAN, the only place I felt comfortable bringing this property to because they understand the creative process we go through and understand and involve us in the development outside the actual book...where others wont."

Quote from Jason Netter, "Jimmy Palmiotti is one of the premiere talents in comics. We have been lucky enough to work with him and Justin Gray on numerous projects and we look forward to our continued success together."