Saturday, October 31, 2009


Anyone want to direct their own movies?

Well I do and I don't want to spend much doing here is a cool link to a product i bought. its a 40 buck steady-cam that works pretty darn well. Go to the page, look at the videos he has taken and read all about this cool product. I bought one and it fits most smaller digital camera and works like a charm. You will thank me.


Saw it the other day with brandon peterson. beautiful animation and set pieces...and that was about it. The characters were not interesting and the story itself made little sense about a war monger running for mayor needing to "endanger the entire human race" so he could win election. uggggg. the father as well was a bit of an asshole with the way he treated his son before and especially after the " accident" honest, this movie suffers from some real middle of the road scripting that had some cool ideas that were never explored. real disappointing altogether and a complete waste of time for me. I don't know about you...but my time and money is precious to me. I hear all of japan is pissed off at this adaption. I can't wait till my pal Steve Bunche gets a hold of this movie. It always amazes me how something that seems so obvious and easy to make can become a cluster fu*k so easily.

anyone else see it? opinions.....

Friday, October 30, 2009


This is simply one of the many reasons I love her dearly...her sense of humor. enjoy! these are not for print, each is owned by the people that commissioned them and you must get their permission to use them on other web sites.
repeat: these are not to be clipped and used elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this was the "chase" cover to BACK TO BROOKLYN #1 from image comics. I think I still owe Phil some cash for this...not sure. I met phil years ago at a Megacon in the time I was looking for an artist on the Beautiful Killer I was writing and amanda came up to me and dragged me over to phil's table in artists alley . I got his info and hustled his work to the crew at Blackbull comics and they agreed there was that certain " something" to his work and off we went. Phil and I have become good friends and I am always a tiny bit jealous when he gets to work with other writers...but i find this is a natural thing when yo think so much about the person and the work. and i do. SO...this is one cool cover all around.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: we optioned this book to UNIVERSAL years ago and Jessica alba wanted to play the main character, so universal hired a "writer" to do the screenplay based on the book. well, jessica was promoting and even mentioned the project on Jay Leno once and I was very excited about all this. I even got to speak to the " screen writer" they hired and we talked about the property and the important details not to lose.

well, a couple of months later I got to read the finished screenplay and I thought it was a disaster...nothing like the book at all...and worse, the " writer" made an innocent character into a cold blooded character. it had no heart, lost its soul and suffered from the disease where a writer thinks he can "fix" something that didn't need fixing. Yeah, thats my opinion, but it soon became a lot of other peoples opinion. They asked me for nots and i handed the liaison around 8 pages worth... well, needless to say, the screenplay did not go over well, jessica bailed and we got our property finally back from universal.

hey jessica, give me a call...we can fix all of this. really.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is a drawing amanda did at a can, dealing with FRANK CHO'S wonderful obsession with breasts. enjoy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This was a convention sketch amanda conner did of our hero having a bit too much to drink. all in the name of fun, so please, bloggers, turn the anger dial down.


For the last couple of months, we have been going back and forth with offers on the PAINKILLER JANE property. Mostly from studios and people wanting to make the original version of the character into a film/tv series or a direct to disc film and so on. We had to say no to a few pretty good offers because after watching the property get watered down twice now with the sci -fi original movie and then the 22 episode T.V. series,'s gonna get done right or we aren't going to do it at all.

We put the comic on hold for a bit as well because of a ton of commitments and also because I felt there will be a better time for the books to come out ...the other cool thing is that the full run of the 22 episode show has run in its entirety in over 120 markets and is a hell of a lot of languages.

These days, name recognition is everything in tv and film and Jane's time will be coming again soon. Right now we are looking at a pretty good deal once again on the table and hopefully we will have some good news for the fans of the character this coming year.

till then, enjoy the PAINKILLER JANE graphic novel collections available at a store near you, or on

Friday, October 23, 2009


we all need some eye candy. Which is your favorite flavor?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The diamond previews ran this cover, but not with the finished color job because of schedules and when the catalog had to go out. this is the actual finished cover by AMANDA CONNER and PAUL MOUNTS.

I want a poster of this.

right now it is my screen saver on my computer. everything about it is wonderful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here are a few rough pieces by my good friend PHIL NOTO featuring scenes from a book called THE VIKING PRINCESS that is in the pipeline for next year. Phil is not doing the actual interior art, but i figured i would show these beautiful pieces. hope you enjoy them.



I t really helps if you post any kind of response at the website featuring the preview, NEWSARAMA.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

1978 flashback.

These two photos I took off an old friend's facebook page. thanks lisa Newman for reminding me how much I was out of fashion. Photos like these are priceless...and also remind us all that there is always hope. the one with the car, thats my dad in the background. good times that, when in the thick of it, you don't realize how good you have it. I got to find one of my girlfriend stacy from those days.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Remember the 12 issue series we did for d.c. comics a few years back? no? well, thats too bad. it was a series we put our heart and soul into and artist PHIL WINSLATE, in my opinion, did some of the best work of his career in. For years, its been an ongoing joke between Bob Wayne, Dan Didio and myself about when they will finally collect the series into a trade book...and guess what?
Nothing has seems it will remain single issues till either Justin, Phil or myself kicks the bucket or someone makes a film or t.v. series about it...of if I win the lottery I can afford to buy it back.

Yeah, that sucks but such is life...i got a whole list of past work i would give anything to be collected into a trade. Also on that list all the Ryan Sook Hawkmans, all the Paul Gulacy Catwomans, the Gulacy SCI-SPY series and my 9 issue run on Deadpool including the issues where it was Punisher vs Deadpool.

ENJOY the cover gallery folks. lol....


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here are a couple of photos from the gallery that i would put up here. one is amanda and my birthday girl of the day Michelle.
I met michelle years ago when she was a bartender at the rodeo bar in nyc and we became best friends from that day on. This photo was taken in Woodstock N.Y..

the other is amanda and world famous JORDI BERNET , my favorite jonah hex artist ever...this photo from when we were visiting Barcelona two years ago.

the last was a bunch of fans and me outside the con all posing together and yes, that girl is dressed as Painkiller Jane. I really got a kick out of that. . I really do love this business, the people involved in it and especially the fans.

what a cool group. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bruce Timm powergirl.

Amanda and I are big fans of Bruce's work and i found this online and thought it's nice to share.
what do you think?
How cool to get him to do an issue one day.

THE LAST RESORT #3 preview

Here are a couple of pages that I liked for obvious reasons. the book should be out in a week or two and I hope some of you are reading it. its not for the kids on any level, thats for sure. I love how Giancarlo draws women and these two pages are a tribute to my friend Zena who used to be an editor at the high times magazine .

and yeah, you got permission to use this anywhere,

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Lee Moder is one of the most talented storytellers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Lee did a bunch of stories with me while we were publishing PAINKILLER JANE through Dynamite comics the past couple of years, and I think they are some of the best books i have ever worked on.

Lee's jane is spot on with its sexiness and rough attitude. He is one of the few that " gets" the character and I cant wait to work with him again down the line on some new adventures. Lee had some time and did this amazing pin-up for me of Jane being her usual self in a strip joint in nyc. look at the body language, the expressions and even the stuff in the background.

amazing, just amazing. imagine this in color!

lee, you rule. Lee's collections of Painkiller Jane are still available on-line at really, its amazing work.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

amanda conner casts THE PRO

Amanda loves Ellen Muth for the part of THE PRO. You might remember ellen from the series DEAD LIKE ME...she really is another good choice. We both met ellen while we were in Australia and New Zealand doing a comic convention there and she was totally cool and had a great sense of humor. we immediately liked her and bonded right away . we also thought she was a great actress on the Dead Like Me series. I have to agree with amanda, there is a lot to like here...and we gave a copy of the pro to Ellen to read and she loved it.

we shall see where all this goes...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This was on display in san diego. thoughts?

another page of POWERGIRL 6

This one is fun for me since we wrote Powergirl going to the place i think most resembles hell on a Saturday night.

nice job AMANDA and PAUL.

CLARE GRANT reads comics.

When i was in los Angeles this week I met with a buddy of mine John Singleton for lunch and to talk about a project we have been working on. He ran into and introduced me to his friend he met while on the set of black snake moan , CLARE GRANT. Beautiful and talented, the last thing I asked her as I left was " do you read comics? " she replied " hell yeah"

well...thats good enough for me. comics have become officially cooL once again.

AND YES...besides art i am going to keep posting photos of beautiful women.


As you guys know, we have been going the animation route with adapting the comic book that Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and myself created, The Pro.
so...we have been thinking of going the live action route with the project and my first and favorite candidate is Sarah Silverman. First off, she is funny as hell and I think has the right attitude. Second, she can act...which is important for this to work and last, she has more balls than most people I know and would be willing and able to pull this off just right, in my opinion.I also think the big screen needs to see more of her. let me know what you think.

Here are a few photos that show why I think she is the perfect choice .

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tony and Lillian.

This is a photo of my mom and dad from right after world war 2. they are in Coney Island and it looks like my dad is trying to win my mom a prize. I love photos like this...and especially the expressions on them both. Both of them are gone now and not a day goes by where I dont miss and think about them. they made me a good man, friend and a stand up guy from example.

i miss the hell out of them.

happy birthday Kristanna Loken.

my favorite PAINKILLER JANE actress KRISTANNA LOKEN has a birthday today. amanda and i spent a great night out with her and a friend having a little too much to drink and such. we celebrated early, but called it her birthday week. Kristanna was one of the few good things that came out of the tv show...we became instant friends for life and i consider myself lucky to know her. I love her dearly.

Happy birthday sweetie.