Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I Enjoy Lilly Allens music for its sweet madness and think she is pretty cool herself. here is a new photo from harpers for you all to enjoy.

also, my brother TONY is an artist as well...of the digital kind and he knocked out this jonah hex piece for me...pretty cool, eh?

also, remember I DREAM OF JEANIE? well, it was set on Cocoa beach florida, near NASA. I went there a month ago and took a photo of that surfer. it was perfect time of day and lighting.

also: naked star trek people . nuff said.

and last...darwyn cooke mugs...on sale in the past.

I love putting this madness up on this blog. please pass the blog around as well.

Another powergirl page.

Another sneak peek from issue 8 featuring vortox and powergirl in action. These issues are a lot of fun to us because we really get to see how Powergirl not only deals with the situation at hand, but with her volleying back and forth with Vartox, we get to see how she thinks when NOT in danger. Amanda and Paul knock it out of the park here, as usual. check out Powergirl's face on this whole page...amanda really does some awesome facial expressions. Some say it's a bit cartoony, but I for one am sick of people drawing women with one facial expression...which happens with inexperienced artists. The great thing here is that you really don't need a lick of dialogue to understand the action presented.
The feedBack for the first part of this story in issue 7 has been amazing and we are hoping will be reflected in sales...which have been going down every issue, but not by big numbers. we are hoping the retailers get behind the book a little more since I have found that the book is usually sold out at the local level.

Monday, December 28, 2009


COMING FROM Image Comics and Kickstart productions. ...this spring. an all new, original graphic novel by JUSTIN GRAY and i, with art by GIANCARLO CARACUZZO &PAUL MOUNTS. Logo and lettering and design by BILL TORTOLINI

Here is a sneak peek. more to come. Let me know what you think...

Sunday, December 27, 2009


More to come. comments welcome. by AMANDA CONNER & PAUL MOUNTS.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


In the newest comic buyers guide they feature me on a page. a getting to know me type of thing. I still love the magazine for all its comic goodness...but figured I post this here for you to comment on, and hope you give the magazine a shot.

leave a comment if you like...or answer some of those questions as well.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Amanda and I found this mug at an antique store in tarpon springs florida and couldn't believe how much it looked like our good friend Darwyn Cooke. Honest, what are the chances this even existed and that we found it on the back of a shelf. I find antique stores are the perfect place to do my shopping and this proves it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hollywood takes another one too young.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

200 followers. need your help...

Yeah, I am not there yet.

maybe you guys can help...leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see more of...comic art, reviews, recommendations, stories of madness, picks of girls, celebs, gossip...ect. let me know what makes this fun for you and i will give it a shot. and if i dont see you, have a fantastic holiday!!!

my pal TAMARA

Tamara is funny, smart, talented and easy on the eyes...agree? oh, and she has a blog online you should visit and join:tamaramanor.blogspot.com

Monday, December 14, 2009


DEVELOPMENT DEALS THAT WENT NOWHERE PART 7: This was a animated try-out years ago for the comic Mark Waid and I wrote for Blackbull comics. Based on Amanda Conners art, and she even went up to vancouver to storyboard this. let me know what you think. Created by mainframe, for a series proposal for mtv. MTV passed because they felt no one wanted a sci-fi action animated series...you hear that ben-10?

This series would do so well right now if someone cared enough.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

The outer space men

Its what i would like for christmas, but want no one to spend insane amounts of cash for. I would like them to just arrive here by magic. I was checking e bay for these action figures from my youth and they are going for hundreds of dollars, which is insane. 20 bucks...thats all they are worth...they should just re-release them. I got the graphic novel by ERIC C. HAYES and look forward to reading it this week. anyway, most of you wont remember these, but when i was a kid, they kicked G.I.JOE'S ass.


Out this wednesday right in time for the holidays! check newsarama for other lettered pages and an amanda interview.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A comic shop in Chicago.


From image comics...in april it looks like. here is some character work done by the artist of not only IDW'S THE LAST RESORT, but now SPLATTERMAN . These are of the two main characters. more to come on this.


Kickstart Productions, the company behind last summer’s smash comic-to-film hit WANTED and such upcoming projects as WANTED 2 and THE PREACHER, to be directed by Sam Mendes and being adapted by John August, has teamed up with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray to publish their newest comic idea SPLATTERMAN. This will be Kickstart’s second publishing endeavor with Palmiotti, having produced BACK TO BROOKLYN with Palmiotti and Garth Ennis earlier this year via Image.

SPLATTERMAN tells the story of two twenty something comic creators who self-publish their own horror comic book SPLATTERMAN, which quickly becomes a cult sensation that becomes …well, more then they ever bargained for. It’s a classic mix of action, horror and drama that feeds into the obsessive behavior of fan worship and takes it to new and bloody heights.

SPLATTERMAN is the first among many upcoming comic books that Kickstart will publish under their Kickstart Comics Inc. banner over the next 18 months. Jason Netter established Kickstart Productions in 1999 as a live action and animation production company. With a focus on comic book based material, Kickstart is producing several comic book based projects for film and television.

In television, Kickstart is currently in development on an animated series based on PROOF at Sony with Samuel Jackson. Kickstart also produced the 22 episodes series PAINKILLER JANE and the animated pilot AMAZING SCREW ON HEAD for SyFy (Sci Fi) Channel, a pilot script JOHNNY DYNAMITE at NBC, animated shorts HAPPY MONSTER BAND for Disney Channel, and HAPPILY NEVER AFTER 2 for Lions Gate. Kickstart is also currently in production on the second season of the animated TV series version of WOLVERINE & THE X MEN.

On the feature film side, Kickstart is currently in development on HENCH with Danny McBride to write and star at Warner Brothers, THE RED STAR, to be directed by Timur Bekmambetov at Universal, THE BOYS at Sony, MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK at Disney with Andy Fickman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, THE COURIERS with Intrepid Pictures and CROSSED with Mike De Luca and Trigger Street and a screenplay being written by Garth Ennis. Jason Netter is also producing ROBOTECH at Warner Brothers, which will star Tobey Maguire.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are known as exceptional talents in comic books, animation, video games and television. Their success range from JONAH HEX, THE MONOLITH and POWERGIRL for Warner Brothers to MARVEL KNIGHTS, DAREDEVIL and HEROES FOR HIRE for marvel entertainment. In the film and television world their success ranges from PAINKILLER JANE for the Sci-Fi channel, THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING for Fox Atomic, SPEED RACER and the animated feature DEADSPACE: DOWNFALL for Starz. Palmiotti and Gray are represented by ICM.



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

100 th post.

Well, a milestone for me ...because I actually didn't think I would keep up with all this. The more I thought about the blog, the more I thought...why bother? there are a million of them out there. and there are. thanks for picking this one...lol.

I was looking to post a few pages a week from comics I have written and talk about them and my good friend brandon was able to get me digital files of some of my books so i didn't have to go through the scanning ordeal. so...here is the first page, taken from the last PAINKILLER JANE series I did for Dynamite comics. the fantastic art is by lee Moder.

This is a simple page showing the Jane character having a moment that is very un-Jane like. she is actually happy...so much so she is showering outside and giving seth more than he bargained for. the actual location of the story is in KISMIT, a section of FIRE ISLAND right off the coast of long island new york. A close friend of mine, Joanne's parents[ the husband bobby was one of our consultant when creating ash, being a fireman and all that] owned one of the oldest houses on that part of the island and used to rent it out to me in the summers...14 of them actually. Ask anyone of my close friends and they will all tell you, the house and its surroundings were paradise. Whatever stress and pressure you had melted away after a day in this fantastic place. I have so many fantastic memories of the place but my best one is that amanda and I first kissed on that beach...and it started something that still goes to this very day.

anyway...Jane is in an outdoor shower exactly like the one we had at the house in Kismet, except for the window. the idea here was to show jane actually becoming human again...singing in the shower, not caring about covering up...enjoying what others had and feel like and its a great little scene. the words to the beach boys song were embedded in my brain , so I used them...hell, when I think of summer and girls, they are my go to guys. Jane motor-boating seth was also funny to me because seth has such a mad crush on jane and for the most part, jane kept him at bay because she didn't want to get involved, so the idea she would do that to him made their relationship together even funnier. overall, lee nailed every expression and move just right and for me, its one of the sweetest and silly pages in the issue.


Monday, December 7, 2009


This is written by a very smart guy I know from my childhood. Mark was always so nice to me and interested in my artwork which I found so cool because he literally as the smartest person I knew... and older than me ,which left an impression. Anyway, I agree with a lot of what he says here and thought , with his permission and the help of another of his family member Gina's blessing, I would run it. Opinions welcome.

"When will Obama leave office?"

I hear that question more frequently these days.

Of all the matters one could discuss, and there are some fundamentally good ones out there: what caused our economic crash, what foreign policies degraded our national security, our international competitiveness and political clout, how deregulation lowered our food and water quality, and lowered our government's ability to fend off corporate interests in Congress, how the integrity of the entire electronic voting process in now in question, how 41 million Americans happened to not have any form of health care they can afford, who decimated our ability to regulate Wall Street from screwing us over again, etc.

Of all those fundamental how-we-got-here topics to choose from, news media anchors instead ask if the poor guy now charged with cleaning up this calamitous mess will run for office a 2nd term. Whatever happened to news anchors that took time to scratch below the surface? That would require doing some research, of course, which costs money. But research is just what we need these days, more than ever.

So, let's do some research ...

The onset and expansion of Reagan's policy of "small government is good government" has systematically removed the very same corporate regulations that made America #1 in the world. Regulations provide a level and predictable playing field, encouraging new enterprises to develop. Removing regulations reduces the cost of doing business, and that translates to bigger profits.

But decades of hard-fought regulations were put in place for a reason: to protect us from contaminated food, toxic and dangerous products, corporations from raiding pension plans, stock manipulation and a reckless financial sector, to name a few. Well, as these regulations were whittled away since Reagan, we got hit with every one of those maladies.

And as America switched from a producer nation to a consumer nation, the trade deficit grew to unbelievable proportions, making the dollar an increasingly risky asset worldwide. Meanwhile, the "W" Bush administration nearly doubled our national debt. China, who has nearly a trillion U.S. dollars to play with, is dumping it for gold, copper and other hard assets. They see what's on the horizon. It is we, middle class America, who do not.

What don't we see?

America's wealth is leaving the hard working middle class and is concentrated among an increasingly smaller number of people. The top 1% of America's richest now have more total wealth than the bottom 95%. How did this happen? In addition to campaign contributions to elected officials and candidates, companies, labor unions, and other organizations spend billions of dollars each year to lobby Congress and federal agencies. For decades, federal laws have been quietly changed to favor business and the very wealthy at the expense of the tax paying middle class. As one congresswoman recently put it before camera: "we don't represent the public anymore... corporations now make law, through us."

Here is just one example where a business got billions from Congress for work and workmanship so poor that your father would have slapped you for it: ...http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=275 ;

So what ails America?

A huge trade deficit, a huge national debt, excessive deregulation and a concentration of wealth at the top like never before. Under these conditions, we ask: "How long will any president last?" Well, that depends.

Anyone who tries to reverse the current decline in the American middle class will be attacked by those with a vested interest in keeping that decline going. The only way to reverse this is to educate all America on how effectively lobbyists have a grip on Congress. But given the sad state of American education and journalism these days, that's not likely to happen. News media, suffering from economic losses due to free internet news, see their only economic salvation is to be like Fox News, whose business plan is to concoct any story, any opinion, no matter how fake, to make its viewers angry. Because angry viewers come back for more and that drives up Fox's ad revenue. Fox becomes wealthy and America becomes all the poorer for it. And that suits corporate America just fine, because an uninformed (or better yet a misinformed) America is very easy to manipulate at the voting booth.

History repeats itself.

This is nothing new. After the ancient Roman Senate became more interested in accumulating personal wealth than running an empire, it collapsed. Attilla had no opposition marching toward Rome. The local farmers said "go ahead, I don't care. Rome's corrupt."

In 1890, the British empire was the envy of the world. Who would have thought that just 50 years later, it would be on the verge of bankruptcy?

The Soviet empire concentrated wealth among the politburo, and suddenly, unexpectedly, collapsed almost overnight.

Pick an empire, any empire, the formula is the same:

excess concentration of wealth + unnecessary wars + government arrogance = impending catastrophe

And we are not immune. President Bush brought about excess concentration of wealth like no one has before, and two wars so badly managed by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld trio that they have lasted longer than all of WW II. Not to mention "W" has become the poster boy for unbridled arrogance. We must now face the consequences.

Arrogance, you say?

Do you recall when Bush had his staff pose as secret service agents in order to remove from his Social Security Reform town hall meetings anyone that had a car bumper sticker he didn't like? A direct violation our right to free speech. Or when secret service agents at the Republican convention ripped off press ID badges of reporters the prez didn't like so they could be taken away and not cover public protests? Any reports from our national research labs that argued Bush policies as poorly thought out and misguided were edited by his staff or simply censored. Some scientists were banned from speaking. That's the same arrogance reserved by dictators and kings who ultimately get beheaded.

Is America still #1?

Bush's pro-corporate, fast-money politics derailed America's long term research and development. It comes as no surprise that in this increasingly competitive world, America is slipping behind the power curve. Countries are begining to smell weakness. Japan is leading the way in saying that no longer will they do what America wants just because Washington says so. Japan will no long refuel American warships in the Mideast.

A new superpower will soon be China, and they are focused like a laser beam. If you have satellite TV, spend a day watching CCTV (china central tv). It's free (paid for by China) and their programming quality exceeds anything we put out these days. Their program World View is superior to anything we offer. Their shows make CNBC, CNN, Fox, and even PBS look like amateurs with sound-bites for viewers with an attention span of less than 30 seconds, and for the rest of us, cheap-to-produce commentary by "experts" that never seem to get at the heart of the matter.

Is middle class America aware?

America is being dumbed-down and they don't know it. America has no clue just how critically fragile our economy is right now. Too much tax and you crush new enterprise. Too little tax and the national debt will spur international dumping of the dollar, causing America's cost of living to skyrocket and the middle class to disappear. Too little government spending and the economy sags into a real depression. Too much spending and we face the debt problem again.

The president is playing a very delicate balancing act right now. Forget the $11 trillion of national debt. What about the upcoming $55 trillion in promised payments in the form of entitlements for which the feds have not a penny to pay? Where will that money come from? America may be on the brink of economic failure but you won't find any news media willing to say it. It's best to keep the middle class unaware.

When will Obama leave office?

It will be when a sufficient size of the public can be so manipulated into rejecting the historical fact that recovery from an economic depression requires unpopular decisions and personal sacrifice. Consider how easy it was to whip up public frenzy in opposition to health care "death panels" (a figment of Sarah Palin's imagination and endlessly repeated by Fox News). Consider the spontaneous creation of tax tea parties, also promoted by Fox, with complete ignorance of historical evidence that tax reductions at a time with two wars going on would ruin any economy. It's easy to manipulate a fearful public. Mob psychology has a life of its own. History lessons and common sense are the first casualties.

American journalism has reduced itself to sound bites.

My guess is that Obama may not survive the propaganda war. His efforts to attack real problems, such as reducing the number of lobbyists in Congress, are not getting much news coverage. The news would rather talk about swine flu. Every day. Because that scare's viewers into wanting more of the very same information. Another ad revenue bonus.

Unless we citizens learn to detect superficial news and false arguments and demand truth instead, unless we stop treating political propaganda as facts, and stop blindly forwarding such crap without first verifying accuracy, and unless we choose programs that give historical insight over those that spew anger and fear, what will we carry with us to the voting booth?

America is trying to recover from the worst 8-year presidential administration in modern times. The situation is far worse than you think and we are losing faith in government. Obama tried to change that but the system is way too entrenched and unwilling to change. Congress listens to big money, not you. But without faith in government, we will spin that same downward spiral as did ancient Rome and other powerful nations, long gone.

Three thousand years of political history has repeated this story many, many times. Now it's America's turn on stage. ... and developing countries are quietly watching ..... and waiting.

Mark Jurik
Jurik Research

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hands down, one of my favorite artists working in comics today...each and every time we are lucky to get Jordi to do an issue of JONAH HEX is a celebration around my house. I met and shared some food and drink with Jordi when I was at the Barcelona convention a few years back and I was a nervous wreck...I was getting to actually not only meet one of my favorite artists, but he was working with Justin and I on Jonah...and ...well, I just didn't want to say anything stupid or have him think less of me. He met amanda and I with his son there to translate and we had a great time. Because of him I am using the rosetta stone program to learn spanish for when next we meet. What a warm, wonderful and talented man. We are so lucky to have this living legend producing so much work...

Here are some samples of his various works. They speak for themselves.


she is one of those actresses, for me, that makes the movie instantly more interesting. check out a few of my favorites starring her: Vicki Cristina Barcelona, Volver, Bandidas,Woman on top and Open your eyes.