Saturday, May 15, 2010

POWERGIRL 12 sneak peek

This is a fun page of Powergirl visiting Atlees underground world and having a meal with her parents. I know it's not an action scene, but issue 12 is made up of a lot of personal moments with the characters. you will either love it or hate it. For those who hate it, you will be happy to learn a whole new team takes over in issue hang in there. 


  1. How could anyone hate a book with a scene as awesome as this... Too much fun, even without words! :)

    Can't wait to see the issue, and it's capping my favorite run in any DC/Marvel superheroing ongoing since I started reading them. Can't wait to see what you all get up to next, and thanks for making PG so much fun!

  2. Yeah. It makes zero sense to denigrate the incoming team. Canceling my PG pull isn't personal to them. I am, however, hoping to make a point to the suits at 1700 Broadway.

    And that point would be "Don't fuck with creative magic when it's going your way."

    Alex says it best: Thank you. All three of you at Paperfilms, Thank you. I've never been as hooked on a powers comic as I have been with Power Girl.

    It's been a delight and I'm treading water until your creator-owned project hits the shelf at my LCS.

  3. I'd be okay with the incoming team but then I heard the words crossover and thought "Fuck that."
    I know the chance is slim but I hope we get a oversized hardcover of the Conner/Gray/Palmiotti run.

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  5. I will seriously miss moments like this in a PG comic. It was the lighthearted feel that made this book such a joy to read each month. I am sad that you and the current creative team aren't on the book anymore. While I don't care for the chosen replacement writer, I will certainly check in to see how the book progresses and if it retains the same fun you helped bring to this book.

  6. I dropped PG from my pull list (post #12), as soon as I heard the team was leaving, (and even before I found out Winnick would be writing it, which is the kiss of death for me). I just didn't see any way a new team (any new team) could measure up to the old one.

    It's a pity as PG is my favorite monthly out there right now, but I've decided to just be grateful that we at least got 12 issues of awesomeness. :)