Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I dig her music and visuals. A real artist. Would love to do one of those illustrated books like they did for Tori Amos for Bjork. Nothing against Tori, but her songs dont have much variety as far as sound. Bjork experiments, and I like that. Not top 40 kind of stuff, but she is always pushing...



  1. Jimmy, have you listened to the Sugarcubes? SHe did some good stuff in that group too.

  2. I like Human behavior myself. Bjork does have a push the buttons on society kinda thing to her.

  3. I am a heavy metal fan through and through... however, I am totally in love with Bjork. She has appeared in my dreams, literally, for years... strangely in a cheerleader outfit most of the time.
    nonetheless, Those are some HOT pictures.