Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is exactly what my life was like before I got into a relationship. really...I'M not kidding. you don't believe me? 

O.K....these are brilliant for a number of reasons . the art is dead on camp...and beautiful in its color choices.

THRILL HUNGRY: Fantastic title and the subject, a lone girl dressed to thrill waiting in a night park for some fun, whats not to love. the strap off the shoulder shows she doesnt care. Its obvious this isnt cntral park.

WILDCAT: Yeah, a cowboy and a naked girl on the floor. Some good riding coming her way for sure...but why is she looking at us?
PHANTOM DETECTIVE: I think the tycoon of crime is in a bit of

NAUTIPUSS: Best title ever and it looks like the outer space girls from the powergirl run we did. How groovy can you get? this is about the only time I wouldnt mind being abducted and probed. lol...

SWAP TRAP: instant classic and obviously the bait did its job.

OFFICE PARTY: the single reaon it stinks to work from home.



  1. Nautipuss, because the art stands out the most, I guess and the concept just defines what a pulp story should be.

  2. Office Party wins! Not only a great but a genius tagline: THE MEEK RAN WANTON AND THE WANTONS RAN BESERK! I love the fact that this was a novel. Nowadays it would've been DTV softcore flick.

  3. Wild Cat. The way she is peering through the legs of the character in the foreground.

    I love this stuff. I really dig the stuff Phil Noto did in this style too.

  4. AGREE KEN...wish phil would do more of this type of work...I enjoy his comics as you all know, but I would much rather see him do a cover a week this. the digital work he does is no comparrison to his painted work, which to me is instantly a fine art piece.

  5. These are great. I think Nautipuss wins as my favourite, but they're all pretty cool.