Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is the cover to JONAH HEX #64 , featuring the art of my good buddy Nelson DeCastro, one of my oldest and dearest friends and one talented son of a bitch. The great thing about this series is that D.C. lets us use different people whenever we want on the book. This issue is just specacular looking. Boy, that gal is sure pissed at our hero. 

Remember when they actually had ads for JONAH HEX in the comics? We had ad's for issue #1 and the hardcover and when the movie was coming out...and thats about it. It would sure help to remind people we still are out there...especially with the last issue by RISSO...which was sold out just about everywhere...but not reordered...which is a shame. Oh well, we keep plugging away. Its all up to the retailers and fans, as usual. I know...bitch, bitch, bitch...

Found this online...a bootleg DVD of the T.V. series...using Painkiller Jane art, the EVENT COMICS logo and other insanity. I hate bootlegging of any kind...but this is at least entertaining. 

Once again, the cover for WOLVERINE 1000 by RAFA GARRES. love this piece. 

This is from way back in the 90's featured in BILLBOARD magazine. It's my ex girlfriends band and how we tied the comic in with their music and so on. We featured the girls in the comic as well...was a fun experiment and shows what I will do for my girl. lol....Carrie and Libby Johnson still make spectacular music...hunt them down...they are both amazing. 

Garth and I wrote the game, it got sold and changed a bit, but still was fun for its time. 

Painkiller Jane: Things Explode TPB (v. 2)    Fallen SoldiersUnder The Gate  

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  1. I need to scan you a copy of the front of my bootleg copy of that, as it's totally different. Though just as amusing. Heh, I love how they even have the wrong actress as Jane on the cover of that. (Hey, if they released the tv movie legally I'd have bought a copy. You know me, and you know I have a BIT of a Jane crush)

    Good post! Like it very much.