Friday, January 29, 2010

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My new rule. Even if I have nothing to say.

well, I will let the photos speak for themselves. And yes, that is my pal Nelson DeCastro attacking what looks like King Vitamin .

Thursday, January 28, 2010




Gonna start a new thing here that tests your comic book know how. I am taking panels from books I have worked on in the past and the first person that can name where it came from, the book title and issue number correctly, I will mail them a small package of random comics and stuff around my messy office.  Get it down and post it quickly. If no one guesses them correctly, the person with the most correct will win. easy enough, right?

ok, panels below:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Because of a ton of crosssovers, event comics and the way of the world, this book is going to need all the help it can get...and thats where you guys come in. Ordering it from a retailer in advance will be the way to go on this one. For the page count, its a lot cheaper than what the big two offers and just a warning here folks...its adult all the way. language, situations and nudity. Anyway, I figured to put the diamond listing to help any of you guys out...and in advance, we really appreciate your loyalty. Most of the money and time put into this book is from our own pockets...

I dream of the day we break even on this

Monday, January 25, 2010


These have been making the rounds on the internet...figured I post them here for my crew to enjoy. Giancarlo and Mounts go to town here on the art and all this complimented by the fantastic lettering of Bill Tortollini. Justin and I have an excellent crew on this one.

These are a sneak peek at the 66 page story coming from image comics. These pages are not in any kind of order... that I will have in the future. please feel free to grab and use anywhere you like.


Its kind of fun to tease an issue. kind of makes you slow down and appreciate the details and the art.
I think we take this kind of talent for granted at times.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

POWERGIRL 9 panels

I cant show you full pages i clipped two panels that make me happy. What do you think?


one of the best written reviews of a comic I have come across. Pure art about art.  please let him know you came from here to read it .

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Just a few more pages of Giancarlo Caracuzzo art before colorist Paul Mounts gets to it. We originally planned the SPLATTERMAN book to be three seperate issues , but then we were thinking about how we are buying comics of late and honestly, I have only been picking up trade books and original graphic novels and these items are usually in the stores year round. That and there is a fee involved with every single issue we put ut and it made sense to go with a one shot graphic novel. an item like this needs to be preordered because most comic shops willl only order one or I do reccomend you order it in advance...and as far as advance goes, thanks to all of you that are going to give the book a try.

what we have here are three different points of the book and I think some really solid storytelling on Giancarlos part. If you really look at the second page, first panel, you can see that there is not a lazy bone in his body. the bar is fully worked out and a lot of thought to the surroundings are there in the frame. you can almost hear and smell the place . The bage right above has a "watchmen" panel grid because we wanted to convey the range of horror and emotion of what our main characters are seeing and push the story a bit quicker here. If this was a film, some of the horrific images would just be a flash...just long enough for the viewer to "grab" it and let it sink in. with a comic, you set your own reading smaller panels tell us to move quicker in a way. let me know what you think...

and yes, people can clip there and feature them on their sites and such. all good.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Some random pages from powergirl 8 without the lettering. the book is out now and would welcome some opinions of the story, art and color. We obviously had a blast working on this.


This is a photo amanda's mom sent me of amanda at disney land in california when she was a little girl. I think it is just adorable.
The world used to be a much simpler place. now monkeys rip your face off for giving them valiums.
Remember monkey bars?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

horse show, big bang and jack.

Yeah, we went to see some dancing horse show in Tampa...nothing spectacular, but I figured I would share this really fake set up photo of us all being excited by what we are seeing. What makes it extra funny is that people in the background are leaving...but Amanda and Michele are cute, so who cares.

Next is a P.R. shot of my favorite crew from the hit show BIG BANG THEORY. we sent them all personalized copies of Powergirl 4 when we put them in that issue. One day we will go to their live taping when we get out that way.

And last, right actor, wrong joker. ooops. nice face on Jack there. A classic.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Presented here is the final coloring by paul mounts on the cover of POWERGIRL 9. the one in the catalogues was rushed out to make a deadline. enjoy this in all its glory before the logo and credits get placed on it...and check e-bay, amanda put some art and covers up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Megan fox : Met her in San Diego at Comic Con, talked about the comic and the movie,  and she is a blast in the Jonah Hex film. you can be the judge.

There is something I really love about black & white photography.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


here are a few photos from the 90's of some of the crew hanging out a little bit too much in bars and such. some are small screen grabs that wont get any bigger...but you get the idea.

above: amanda as a blonde blowing bubbles in a bar. probably a birthday night somewhere.

Heidi loves pirates more than any single person I know except for my 4 year old neighbor fisher. Seems Zena likes pirates as well...and no one I know acts more like a pirate than Nelson.

Me with my gal pal Jennifer and in the photo on the right, Scum and nelson...on a boat.

This photo was taken in a bar in Wildwood new Jersey way back when and features nelson in his usual viking helmet knocking out some metal tunes on a mini stage. I think the place was called " beef & brew"

yes, yoda will fuck your shit up.

This is a nice shot of a man that needs to get laid...a girl with a good sense of humor and me just laughing about the whole thing. boy, I love my friends.


Just another page  from issue 8 of POWERGIRL coming in a week or two.

how good is amanda...well, look at all the acting going on in each character....and cudos for amazing color from paul mounts. let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A lot of web sites have been using some really bad photos of me and amanda and I wanted to post these so people can clip and use them. I know...I sounds a little nutty...but I just saw a shot of me used for a story where I am at a con eating a sandwich. god...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I spend time on only a few peoples blogs and my favorite one is all about kevin nowlan, by kevin himself. To this day, kevin is one of those guys I admire on so many levels and I consider it a gift getting to not only know him and own some of his work...but to actually have some of that work on display in my home. The work speaks for yourself a favor and visit his site at : and check out the beautiful work. wanna be artists, take note.

My dream one day is to write a creator owned book for him. hey...I can dream.

these three pieces were chosen for a reason. the first one with the mermaid was from a property Justin and I pitched to VERTIGO a few years back called TEMPEST anbout a mermaid who loses her memory. needless to say, they werent interested, but we did sell the rights to a production company called DOUBLE NICKLE in Los Angeles and they had a screenplay written and shopped it around , but got nowhere with all the rights came back to us and again, i have been trying to sell it.

The second piece is the cover for an issue of penthouse comics and that piece belonged to an old buddy George Caragonne who was the editor there. he left this world in a very sad on...I found this on the net:

He was Editor In Chief of "Penthouse Comix", and a man with endless
 potential. He was brilliant, tireless, uncompromising, and addicted to
 drugs. When I first met him, he was a fundamentalist Christian who
 refused to smoke or drink. He also talked about his plans to be a
 virgin on his wedding night. The worst thing he'd ever done in those
 days was to sneak, uninvited, into Marvel Comic's Christmas Party. Ten
 years ago today, he rented a room at the Mariott Hotel, and leaped 45
 stories into a busy food lobby. It was a literal miracle than nobody
 other than George died.

 George's publications, "Penthouse Comix", "Men's Adventure Comix" and
 "Omni Comix" are arguably the best adult comics ever created. If you
 have a moment, please remember George. He deserved that much.

To me, he was generous, funny, a little nutty and had the energy of five people and loved comics and the people he worked with dearly. His drug addiction got the best of him. back to kevins piece. he had it up in the office and one of the people that worked there knew both george and I loved kevins work and decided that it would have a better home with me than the office.

the last piece is from my run writing deadpool at marvel...issues 46-55...a fun run that I got to work with quite a few big names and did the first punisher /deadpool crossover. the cover featured is from issue 49 and its a story about deadpool getting laid. simple as that. read the issue because it has a surprize ending. at that time, and i think to this very day, I feel all our heroes need some more sex in their lives. Some things never change.