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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello all 305 of you.

How are you this holiday weekend? what do you have planned? Did you go see prince of persia and , like me, wish it was much better? Did you head to a beach WITHOUT an oil spill while you can? Did you pick up the giant book known as the wednesday comics collection? Powergirl? Did you show up to a card game dressed like this woman? let me know.


We really have nothing to do with this short being added to a dvd called BATMAN: under the hood. What we do know is it is based on an issue of Jonah Hex we did. Hey, that in itself is pretty here are some clips. Nice job animators.

FAKE painkiller jane cover.

Found this on e-bay, inside was the sci-fy channel 2 hour original PAINKILLER JANE movie which was never put on disc. Looks like they put jessica alba's face on the box. Sure, why not.

Monday, May 24, 2010

POWERGIRL love from a fan...

Check out this thread by Spike Spiegel...I just love it!

I hope he doesnt mind, but i am borrowing this collection he did of amandas character faces. Spike...I hope to bring you some traffic in exchange, if thats cool...ok? Let me know.

POWERGIRL 12 sneak peek

This scene is in Atlee's home town under the earths crust and they are decompressing and getting to know each other  and talk about things on their mind is a spa type room made exclusivly for Terra's people. We already know we might take some abuse for this issue since it isnt a fight book...It actually explores all of Powergirls surroundings and the people that she has made an impact on for the past year. As well, we get an inside look to how she is processing having a semi-normal life among others and so on. 
Really, when we knew this was our last issue together on the title we decided to explore some of the non superhero aspects that stood out in our past year. When and if you get the book wednesday, you will totally get what we were shooting for and either love us and wish we would have never left...or be so glad we are finally gone. we know a lot of people WILL be happy to see us go, and we understand why ...but we really just wanted to do something different for a change and really flush out her character like its never been done before. 

you guys will decide, as always. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010


TIME BOMB: coming in july from RADICAL COMICS!

sketchbook pro art

Got my i-pad andfor 10 bucks downloaded sketchbook pro, a drawing program. Here is one of my drawings. Yes, I am not known for my art...but love drawing.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

support is nice. Buy a book and make a friend. lol...



Just another wonderful page from issue 12 by amanda and paul. check out all the body language going in with the characters. Amanda is getting better all the time.
Look for this issue to hit next week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

POWERGIRL 12 sneak peek

This is a fun page of Powergirl visiting Atlees underground world and having a meal with her parents. I know it's not an action scene, but issue 12 is made up of a lot of personal moments with the characters. you will either love it or hate it. For those who hate it, you will be happy to learn a whole new team takes over in issue hang in there. 


Thursday, May 13, 2010


I still think she would make a good POWERGIRL. 



Couple screen captures from the upcoming movie. Word is this weekend starts a lot of media coverage. For those comic fans, issue 56, out the first week of june, has some special cool things going on in the book ...a tie in to the movie and such. Make sure you get one. Cant say more than that at the moment.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When are people going to prove they really do care about the world around them and make the switch to alternative fuel ideas?

When is the President of the United States and Congress going to figure out that the disaster here is 10000000 times more important than the "usual bullshit" going on in the middle east and get every single soldier back home to save this country?

When am I going to actually feel that our country cares enough to step in and get companies like BP and all these greed oriented businesses and make a stand and make this world a better place by making them liable for their mistakes?

Who protects the wildlife and sea life we share and love? Who is there for them in a time where a made made disaster will now be killing off millions of animals and billions of sea creatures for the next 20 years.

When are we going to stop focusing on ourselves and realize that our children and their children are more than likely to be living in that post apocalypse world we only dream of in our nightmares...that our greed cost?

What can you do today to help?

Start at home, volunteer, recycle even more than usual...and if you live along the gulf or feel this is important enough to step up and do something to help...go here:


My heart goes out to all those great people doing their best to help the wildlife and protect the coasts. Please...government...Mr President...everyone with the power to make the something TODAY!!!!


So ...Amanda came down with chicken pox last week...we think that she caught them during C2E2 in Chicago...meeting all those people and her being exausted from Powergirl was a bad combination all around. Anyway, after a week and a half of cabin fever, we thought going to see a movie at the drive in would be a  fun blast from the past that we never shared together and at the same time,  keep her from infecting a theatre full of people. We figured we would catch a 9:30 show of "DATE NIGHT" so we left a little earlier and grabbed some drive thru food. Yeah...we were living in the car last night was the responsible thing to do.

Once we got into tampa, we stopped at a KRYSTALS burger joint...for those who don't know, its a sothern bastard child version of WHITE CASTLE in the tri state area. Their specialty: a small square, steamed burger on a tiny bun with a pickel and such. In New York, we call these murder burgers...and I call them nature's broom...either way, the next day after eating them, they will do just about anything to exit your body. And yes, they are so tasty, you actually put up with that.

So , fully loaded with burgers and drinks, we headed to the FUNLAN drive-in, a place we didnt really know existed till a while ago sporting a name that amanda thinks might have been FUNLAND at one time, but they got sued and dropped the "D" .  As we guessed, it looked exactly like it probably did in the 50's...minus the smooth pavement and fresh paint. As we drove up to the "guard booth" we noticed the road had seen better days...but didnt care...this, to us, was exciting as hell. The price of admission was only 6 bucks a head...reasonable to say the least.

We found our spot in the multi screened arena and hung out till the movie started and plowed through the Krystal's delicacies. When we were looking around, we also notice is that there are no longer any hanging metal speaker phone type of things . My childhood memories of drive-in's are filled with these wire extended boxes...hanging into the car through the window,  creating a wonderful shitty ,tinny sound that ...well...sounds like an echo from the past.  Used to be, you walk out of your car and you would hear a valley of sound coming from each having 400 people listening to the same crappy a.m. radio station at the same time.  What they do now is just have a radio station that the theatre owns and in your car,  they pump out the sound. The better the sound system, the better the sound track.

Needless to say, we live on comic book people salary and we have a used vibe from 2008 that has one of the worst sound systems ever found in an automobile. The first half hour was us trying to get the sound clear and it really never worked out totally. Watching the movie on the big outdoor screen and having shity sound are not the best of conditions. Even still...we had a great time. At one point I got up and went to the consession stand which , as well, a flash back to my childhood...they even had a pinball machine inside. Amazing. The kid behind the counter looked like a good old american Howdy Doody kind of guy and I got a large popcorn and a big bottl of water for 8 bucks total. Not too shabby. As I was leaving the consession, some trailer trashy chick in her 20's came in wearing just about nothing and thigh high boots and asked the guy behind the counter if he liked what he was "seeing" I figured that was my cue to move on back to the car.

The movie itself was silly fun...what we could hear of it...but that wasnt the point of the night. the idea was that we got to visit one of the last drive in movie theatres around and we got to get out without causing an outbreak...and best of all, spend some quality time together, something , after all these years, we can never get enough of. was a fun time...and we ended the night by parking near the airport runway and watching the planes land a few hundred feet away. Amanda just loves doing that since she has a huge facination for airplanes. I am always happy to comply.

Yeah...a perfect date night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Anyone that knows me...knows anything about me...knows how much I love FRANK FRAZETTA'S work and the man himself. Any interview that ever asked me my favorite artists always started with Frank's you can imagine how I felt all day yesterday. Kicked in the nuts and smacked in the face, to put it mildly. This is the guy that inspired me to get into the business of creating...the body of work and imagination this man had was startling, in every respect. One painting, one picture could inspire years and years of stories ...and seeing his work live, in your face...and you know that this man was one of the real Gods of art.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Frank on three seperate times in my life and am lucky enough to own a decent amount of his work as well as every book ever written about him.  [ no paintings, but 2 watercolors, a barbarian girl ink drawing and 3 johnny comet strips]

The highlight of meeting frank was many years ago,  when me, mark texeria , michael bair and another friend I cant remember right now, took a day off the board and went to the Frazetta museum in Pennsylvania to check out his work. Franks wife Ellie opened the place for us and the four of us walked around in a drunken haze...not believing what we were seing, for real, right in front of our eyes. What was striking was the color and intensity of the work...Paintings we have seen a million times over on book covers, posters, cards, t-shirts and even the sides of vans. Never did we think that what we saw reproduced was so grayed down and lifeless compared to the originals.

While in that art loving daze, we were making Ellie laugh about some stories relating to Franks work and I mentioned I was from brooklyn, born and raised. Ellie asked is we would like to go see and hang out wih Frank back at the house. She explained that his spirits were low at the time and thought we would cheer him up. We couldnt believe what we were hearing  and of coarse, we nervously agreed with smiles as wide as a thruway.  Ellie told she has to close up and take care of a few things and for us to go to the address in 2 hours and meet there. Well, we left, freaking out , I must add...this was a surreal dream come true!!!  We were invited to meet the king on his very own stomping grounds! We ate quickly and drove around killing time and imagining how it was going to go that afternoon. yeah, typical comic nerds...

We pulled up to the nice home off a lake and was greeted bythe man himself!  Frank smiled, shook our hands and spoke to us like we had known each other for years. He invited us in and as we made our way to the back studio. Every single inch of the place had franks work everywhere. I was dizzy to say the least. This was the golden grail of are treasures to me. We were getting the tour of the kings palace.

We stopped where frank worked out [ Frank was built and worked out daily]  and a giant 4 foot by 6 foot painting hung above his was of an African warrior hunting a lion...and it was stunning. In his studio were dozens of paintings half done and almost done, sketch books full of watercolor renderings of future pieces where he tried out different combinations of colors and a ton of finished paintings that were a huge part of my childhood and adult life. The four of us were in heaven as he pulled out painting after painting and had a story for each one.

Frank and I spoke about brooklyn...what was there, what wasnt...the area he lived in...our favorite places to eat there...and then he told us a story about how he had no money at one point and had shoes with holes at the bottom of them...and how he borrowed money to go into the city and pick up some work. He told us how this carrer we chose is full of good and bad times and how its always a struggle to be an artist...especially when it was next to impossible to be satisfied. This was all said as Frank took a tin can of Hi-C, cracked it open and poured us each a galss of fruit punch. Surreal to say the least.

Each of us got to show Frank what we were doing at the time, art wise...and Frank was most impressed by Mark Texerias paintings...the movement and power of them.  Mark was smiling for the next month. At the time I was inking some books and frank took a look at my work...made some comments then walked me over to a closet that was full...3 feet high...with his black and white illustrations and comic pages. He told me to flip through them and ask questions. We spoke about how to render hair with a brush...and he showed me, saying to thin out my ink and try it that way. This went on for a while.

Frank walked us into his bedroom to show us a series of watercolors portraying Adam and Eve and some other paintings he had done of his children and their children. Beautiful stylized portraits once again showcasing his amazing knack for making even the most mundane subject come to life.

We hung out till he kicked us out...nicely. He showed us his home made stickball court by the side of the house saying " you can take the boy out of Brooklyn..." and we all got back in the car and left. The drive home felt like 3 minutes...we were in shock and rambling on and on about our good fortune. We got to spend the day with the person we most admired in the the hell can you ever hope to beat that.

Guess what...I never did. Frank and I met two more times after that...but his health was not great and they were both at events where there were hundeds of people trying to get his attention.

I will never ever forget that day with Frank...and will never stop loving the mans work. To say that I was upset at his passing is an understatment. Where ever the after life tAkes us, I sure hope Frank is there with Ellie at his side and looking down and realizing how many lives he has changed.

Heres to you frank! long live the king!


this is a photo by j.g.jones of his frazetta books. we both joked how beat up our books were and he sent me this. Classic.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


When I was 15, I snuck into a theatre and saw this movie and it was one that has stuck with me for years to come. I was already a big De Niro fan, and was about to be a fan of Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader for life. I remember a friend of mine, Owen, was obsessed about everything in this film...especially the scenes with Travis [ de niro] Bickle's character playing around with a gun in front of a mirror.  What freaked me out about this film I think was the amazing amount of stark violence at the end of the film and the idea that this guy was only trying to be  "hero" to someone else. Watching it years later, I have gotten a new found respect for the work, nd if you have never seen it, I suggest you go out and get a copy and enjoy one of the weirdest and cool movies that made the 70's the amazing era of alternative film making.