Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thats my good friend Zena with Glen Danzig doing some promotion for radio stations in New York. Glen collects original comic art and zena is a lovely piece of...hey, thats not polite. I almost slipped there...anyway...I think glen is cool and a good guy, but I love my pal Zena. She is the real superstar in that photo.


There is nothing more fun than signs lost in translation. There is a haircutting place in chinatown New York that is named "suk mei dik" that is a classic example of this.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Unlike a lot of people out there, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz dont bother me one bit. I like them actors.
Saw the preview and thought this might be a fun summer flick if the chemistry was good...and it was. Nothing deep here, just the usual action movie antics and a bit of a love story surrounded by beautiful scenery and globe hopping. I enjoyed it, was not bored and sat in a theatre where people were laughing at the right times. Shot beautifully and with confidence. I recommend this as a solid date will both leave in a better mood. Solid and it delivered.

and no, two of these photos are not from the movie.


This had amanda and I laughing for about a week. really.

Catherine Zeta Jones a bit insane.

Give this a listen...till the en and tell me what you think. Someone send in those fucking clowns already. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010



J-BONE and little hex.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I updated this a few times today as I began to remember more...and probably wont stop doing so for a please excuse the growing mass...

We lost another comic great this weekend. After Frank Frazetta passing a few weeks ago, I had to open up my e -mail and read about Al. I cant tell you how much this news has upset me . Al was someone I looked up to...wanted to be like and best of all, I really, really, enjoyed his company. When I was inking full time years ago, I used to track down what conventions Al would be at and hang around him like a true fan boy. Looking back, joe Quesada and I would talk about Al all the time, how good he was, his history and such.  The first time I met him was up at Marvel Comics and really...I couldnt say much in his presence. At that point, he was a living legend in my eyes and it humbled me. Anyone who knows me , knows how impossible that is to do.  Next time we spoke was over the phone a few times...some stuff with work and then general questions on how he did certain aspects of his work and other inking questions about tools, speed and so on. We met Al again at Chicago Con, I believe, and we actually had time together over a meal and I was able to sit next to him at the con and watch him sketch and talk to people. At that time, he was inking Joe on some work and knocking it out of the park. Joe and Al had a lot to talk about, including their heritage and family life.

Watching Al at the cons,  I learned a lot from him , how he treated everyone with respect, but always there was the kid in him making jokes as well. We all had that in common...he was a funny guy with an abundance of history and respect to those who came before him in this field. He turned us on to a dozen of his influences in comics and film and I would watch him share knowing glances when he spoke about these giants in the industry when speaking  to other people I admired like Mark Shultz, Geof Darrow and Gary Gianni.

A year later I was given a job to ink...Fantastic Four 2099 #2 over John Buscema of the most intimidating jobs I ever got to do, and I killed myself on it for two reasons. One, because al had inked the issue before and two, because...well, it was John Buscema. I did the best I could and about a month later I got a call from Al. He told me a friend who never compliments his work came over and told him how much he loved the job he did over John Buscema in the new issue of fantastic four 2099. al told me he got a copy and they had credited him for the job i did. He then went on to tell me how I did a solid job, how pissed he was because his neighbor never compliments him and when he finally did, it was on a book he didnt do and after a real good laugh, Al invited Joe and I up to his house. Embarrasment then utter joy in one conversation. The next week we got the map out and headed to Al's place which was a few hours away.

Als home was what we expected...beautiful, with a ton of original art, Edgar Rice books and so on. We had lunch, talked comics...then Al took out a story he had written and never finished and we looked over the work...I was wishing I had a xerox machine with me...the man was simply a stunning craftsman and artist. He showed us countless pieces of vellum with sketches on them of men fighting and beautiful women,  and then we all spoke for hours about the business...he was genuinely interested in the both of us and our work and background...but what I remember most was  us laughing...all day. It was a contest to make each other laugh and what a sense of humor he well, he was a wise ass in the nicest way...something a few guys from new york appreciated.

Before leaving, Al took us over to his flat files and proceeded to hand us a pile of his original work...inks he had done over a bunch of contempory artists and gave us them as a gift. We was in shock with his generosity and the ride back to brooklyn was one with us feeling like he had just won two lotteries in one day.

 Funny, charming,  smart and generous as hell was Al Williamson. He was my new hero in so many ways. I spoke to Al on and off over the years, spent some time at shows sitting with him [ he called me the bastard son he never wanted, lovingly] and as he got older, I got reports of health issues and ...well, now the news of his passing.

I will never properly put into works what Al meant to me, but in the end, its the work and legacy of fine art that speaks to the common person and this body of work is one hell of an impression. made this kid a better artist, a better person and the world a better place with you in it.

I , for one, am gonna miss that laugh.

Rest in peace my friend.

Jimmy Palmiotti.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I AM NOT HAPPY and neither are a lot of other people.

SPLICE REVIEW in one paragraph.

I love films like this , in concept. Sci-fi elements and reality based ideas. The cast, brody, Delphine Chaneac and  polley were terrific.  The movie itself was fun, but I thought the science was passed thru too quickly to get to the character beats...and didnt buy that the scientists were so easy to do what they did...but I can forgive that to move the story forward. If you love this genre, then you should see it... but be warned, the screenplay projects about every twist and turn coming, but it has its David Cronenberg moments to it, some mutant nudity and some pretty violent scenes. If you are on the fence about it...I will say if you enjoyed SPECIES, you might like this. If you didnt, give it a pass and rent it. I personally expected it to be better, but still enjoyed it just the same. I hated the last 3 minutes and the extremly obvious ending shame on the writers for going to the most obvious of places. Its rare that people know how to properly end a film.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Me and director Jimmy Heyward at san diego comic con. A very cool and talented guy.  

Jimmy and Josh looking at a playback on set in New Orleans. below a cover to a new magazine. inside a comic shop they celebrate Jonah this month and in spain, the third collection is on sale featuring a cover that was in the film minus the flag. 
Some from the movie...some from behind the scenes. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010




As a lot of you know...I have taken a break from the character as far as comics go, but on my end, she is being worked on , on a number of levels . Dynamite comics has a collection coming this fall and 2011 will be the year we see a new book done...but i might be doing it as a graphic novel instead of the monthlies. I have also been working on a film deal that may or may not happen...and if it doesnt, i have another lined up right after helps that the show has aired all 22 of its episodes in over 128 different markets and is currently being shown in the U.K.

That makes it a bit easier to sell. Name recognition is all the market is about these days...a simple straight to video movie could make its budget back in a heartbeat...and with a hard "r" rating, be something that is close to the actual character. we shall see.

Poor Sponge bob. Shame on BP

Wednesday, June 2, 2010