Friday, December 31, 2010

The design work of AMANDA CONNER

Last year, the small deck we had on the back of our home collapsed 12 seconds to midnight with around 17 people on it, drinks in hand...but no one got hurt. The deck at that point was trashed and amanda went to work designing not only a new deck, but to extend it around the back of the house where the previous owners put sliding doors that went to nowhere. Amanda took a hundred things in mind, as she always did, and gave the builders her drawings , which they admired...and got right to work on. After two months, over 60 posts and two shipments of ipe wood, it was finally done. You will see sand around it, because its our next project we are saving up for. 

 We save up for each and every repair/revision we do on the house. Owning a home is a ton of work...take it from a guy that has an apartment for over 20 years, but its also "yours" and unlike my apartment, this house has more than one window and a back yard... something I keep reminding myself and will be reminding myself as I recieve the mortgage bills for the next 26 years of my life. 

Anyway, I posted thses because I am super proud of the job amanda and the builders did. Comments are welcome. 

The umbrella in the foreground used to be laying on the side of the house till I found baby mice in it, so now it stands full time. lol. 

That grapefruit has been eaten. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I blame Dave Johnson.


This is exactly what my life was like before I got into a relationship. really...I'M not kidding. you don't believe me? 

O.K....these are brilliant for a number of reasons . the art is dead on camp...and beautiful in its color choices.

THRILL HUNGRY: Fantastic title and the subject, a lone girl dressed to thrill waiting in a night park for some fun, whats not to love. the strap off the shoulder shows she doesnt care. Its obvious this isnt cntral park.

WILDCAT: Yeah, a cowboy and a naked girl on the floor. Some good riding coming her way for sure...but why is she looking at us?
PHANTOM DETECTIVE: I think the tycoon of crime is in a bit of

NAUTIPUSS: Best title ever and it looks like the outer space girls from the powergirl run we did. How groovy can you get? this is about the only time I wouldnt mind being abducted and probed. lol...

SWAP TRAP: instant classic and obviously the bait did its job.

OFFICE PARTY: the single reaon it stinks to work from home.



Wantd to pass along a good deal for the graphic novel Justin and I wrote a few years back that was a prequel to the HILLS HAVE EYES movies. It got a lot of attention at the time, was reviewed very well and sold over 20,000 copies ...which is great for a book with a high price tag. check out the link below and the special price. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


More black & white FRAZETTA

All these beauties care of Tim Sale, a master of pen and ink as well. Thanks Tim!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One of my favorite movies of the year ...easily. wonderful acting, brilliant script and just a great solid western. Cannot recommend this more. This felt...real.

links and stuff...

Just playing catch up here and there.

as you guys already know, I do a weekly podcast with my friend Mike at

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So been looking at my desk top of late and with TIME BOMB
officially done at radical comics, except for the trade book collection, its time to get other things going. We have another exciting project in the works with them which will be announced in 2011...all I can say is its a crime story . More to come.

As you all know, JONAH HEX
will continue...issue 63 hits in 2 weeks and we have up till issue 73 worked out...the scripts have gone ut to the talent and they are all working on them as we speak [ maybe] .

 making its way monthly for you guys...and hopefull some of you have given the book a shot. We have a lot coming up and a lot of characters hi the revolving door nature of the series, so stay tuned for some fun madness.

more soon to follow.


I dig her music and visuals. A real artist. Would love to do one of those illustrated books like they did for Tori Amos for Bjork. Nothing against Tori, but her songs dont have much variety as far as sound. Bjork experiments, and I like that. Not top 40 kind of stuff, but she is always pushing...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PARIS TEXAS: Kinski and Wenders.

so sexy cool it hurts. 

Amanda Conner Cover of the week: Jimmy Olsen

Amanda gets better all the time. One of my favorites that catches a lot of storytelling.

celebrity round-up.

from black swan


Love this...give it a shot.

Monday, December 20, 2010


For anyone that might have missed this or wanted to share.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I love how PAUL GULACY nailed the tension and movement on this page. Reminded me of Jim Steranko's Captain america book way back when. 

Yeah, he shows up in the issue. How awesome is that rendering? 

I can almost imagine this page on film...even the jump cuts. Paul nails this as well.  Rain on colors made this series sing for us.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

BLACK AND WHITE ART: Frank Frazetta.

The art speaks for itself. These are some of the pieces I learned to ink from...tracing paper and a brush. It sort of

Stuff on my desktop.

I think this is what people thought women would be wearing after the year 2000. what a shame that didnt happen yet. 

So true...clip and put on the fridge. Stay tru to this and your life will be better. 

I think she looks amazing here...she always looks much better with some weight on her. she is too skinny now. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Make sure your retailer holds your copy...the first two issues sold out . As well, if you read it, would love your opinion. Here is another sneak:

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is the cover to JONAH HEX #64 , featuring the art of my good buddy Nelson DeCastro, one of my oldest and dearest friends and one talented son of a bitch. The great thing about this series is that D.C. lets us use different people whenever we want on the book. This issue is just specacular looking. Boy, that gal is sure pissed at our hero. 

Remember when they actually had ads for JONAH HEX in the comics? We had ad's for issue #1 and the hardcover and when the movie was coming out...and thats about it. It would sure help to remind people we still are out there...especially with the last issue by RISSO...which was sold out just about everywhere...but not reordered...which is a shame. Oh well, we keep plugging away. Its all up to the retailers and fans, as usual. I know...bitch, bitch, bitch...

Found this online...a bootleg DVD of the T.V. series...using Painkiller Jane art, the EVENT COMICS logo and other insanity. I hate bootlegging of any kind...but this is at least entertaining. 

Once again, the cover for WOLVERINE 1000 by RAFA GARRES. love this piece. 

This is from way back in the 90's featured in BILLBOARD magazine. It's my ex girlfriends band and how we tied the comic in with their music and so on. We featured the girls in the comic as well...was a fun experiment and shows what I will do for my girl. lol....Carrie and Libby Johnson still make spectacular music...hunt them down...they are both amazing. 

Garth and I wrote the game, it got sold and changed a bit, but still was fun for its time. 

Painkiller Jane: Things Explode TPB (v. 2)    Fallen SoldiersUnder The Gate