Friday, July 8, 2011

QUEEN CRAB: the first 4 pages.

Hey crew, as you may know already, I started a KICKSTARTER drive to raise some funds to finish this graphic novel. The link is here if you are interested in supporting it or need to make fun of the little video I put together to pitch the concept.

I just had the first 4 pages lettered, not proofed, so be kind. Figured it would be good to show some of the tone of the book and give a little bit of a tease. So far the reception has been great from all of you and I cannot tell you how much that means to me...But I will do my best in the pledge fufilment, for sure.

And thanks in advance to those who have retweeted and posted the link. Like I said, I really get the feeling of communitty from all of you and its awesome. we go...let me know what you think so far.


  1. Oh wow, Jimmy. This is great.
    A lot of information coming across in that dialogue, and there was a moment where I thought maybe bits of it sounded... delivered, rather than talked, y'know? But then I remembered that that really doesn't bother me all that much when there's style, and this has loads of that.

    The art is gorgeous, too.

  2. I'm happy to be part of this project ! I'll wait patiently for the rest to come but if it's at least as good as this, I won't be disappointed. :)