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The world is weeping. Goodbye my friend and Rest In Peace. You made my world a much better place.

I met Moebius a few times, overseas at conventions and at the San Diego comic con. He was one of the few people I was afraid to go up to...since I held his work in such high regard. When I finally did, I was pleased to find he was sweet and kind and somebody who truely loved to create new things...and what a legacy he has left us all. Everything he has touched and that has been collected into book form, I have matter the price. I felt if i look at it enough, maybe some spark of his work would fly off and land on me...I know, a dream, but the inspiration of his work lives on in each and every project I do...I always try to find my "moeibus" moment, where the reader can look at a scene in the story and be in awe. 

I can go on and on...and will probably do that later, but for now...go do yourself a favor and pick up some of his work. 


PARIS  - French comic-book artist and designer Jean Giraud, known as Moebius, died Saturday aged 74 after a long illness, an associate and work colleague said.
Jean Henri Gaston Giraud was one of France's leading cartoonists who also found fame in Japan and the United States.
Born at Nogent-sur-Marne east of Paris on May 8, 1938, he began after art school training as an illustrator for advertisers and the fashion industry before turning to comic strips.
He found fame when he created the Lieutenant Blueberry western character and adopted the pseudonym Moebius for illustrations of science fiction books and magazines.
As well as being published in top French magazines, he worked with Japanese manga artists and co-produced an adventure of US comic-book superhero The Silver Surfer with Stan Lee.
Giraud also contributed to a number of blockbuster movies, and in 2010 France's Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art staged a major retrospective of his work. — Agence France Presse

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