Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Digital 'Ame-Comi Girls' #1's Wonder Woman scores an A-

The team of Palmiotti, Gray and Conner strike again with the just-launched digital AME-COMI GIRLS series and The Fandom Post covers its particulars in detail while bestowing it with an A- grade. Not bad for something just out of the gate, so click here to peep the review!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Ame-Comi Girls' is coming!

The new digital anthology series that features Palmiotti & Gray scripting the Amanda Conner/Tony Adkins-drawn Wonder Woman debuts this coming Monday and you can read the particulars here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'All-Star Western' #12-solicitation listing

Backup story art by SCOTT KOLINS
On sale AUGUST 22 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+
• The finale of JONAH HEX and TALLULAH BLACK’S battle with the followers of THE CRIME BIBLE.
• Part 2 of the TERRENCE 13 backup story.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre' #1' to receive variant covers

The eagerly anticipated juggernaut that is BEFORE WATCHMEN continues to build excitement, and it's just been announced that the project's SILK SPECTRE book — drawn by the one and only Amanda Conner — will be released with three variant covers. They will feature art by Dave Johnson and Jim Lee, respectively, and there will also be a recolored version of Amanda's standard cover for issue #1. That recolored variant is seen below, and to get a gander at the Johnson and Lee pieces you've gotta head on over to Comic Book.com

Friday, May 11, 2012

Coming soon: "Phantom Lady"

The scripting team of Palmiotti and Gray stroke again with the upcoming PHANTOM LADY from DC Comics, and you can get all the details over at Comic Book.com. And how about that sweet Amanda Conner cover art?

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I lost my friend today.  Rest in Peace Tony. I will miss your smile and laugh.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Talkin' 'Creator Owned Heroes' at Comicosity

Click here to read Comicosity's interview with Jimmy, Justin and Steve Niles, an exchange that sheds light on what the boys are up to with the upcoming CREATOR OWNED HEROES from Image Comics.

Comic Book Resources shows 'G.I. Combat' #1 some love

G.I. COMBAT #1 — which features the Palmiotti & Gray-scripted revival of UNKNOWN SOLDIER — is cited as "a nice, reinvigorated spin," so head here to read the in-depth assessment.

'The Art of Amanda Conner' reviewed at Good Versus Evil

The handsome hardcover THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER gets reviewed at the Good Versus Evil website, so click here to read all about it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Comic Book.com weighs in on 'G.I. Combat' #1

The New 52's G.I. COMBAT #1, featuring the Palmiotti & Gray-scripted UNKNOWN SOLDIER, is reviewed at Comic Book.com, so click here to read their assessment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amanda and Jimmy signing on Free Comic Book Day

A.C. and Jimmy will be appearing for this coming Saturday's Free Comic Book Day signing at Yancy Street Comics in Port Richey, Florida, so come on down with stuff for them vandalize with their signatures! For more information on the venue check out the Yancy Street Comics website.

'The Art of Amanda Conner' reviewed

Our girl's hardcover coffee table art gets some serious love from Super Edco over at LITANY OF SCHIST and you can read that review here.

Win 'The Art of Amanda Conner' from Major Spoilers!

The MAJOR SPOILERS website has a copy of the gorgeous hardcover THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER to be won by the lucky fan who answers that most burning of queries:“What character, or property, would you like to see Amanda Conner take over on an ongoing basis, and why?” You have until May 27th to send in your answer, so head here to enter!

The New 52's 'G.I. Combat' #1 launches today!

Don't let the dinosaurs throw you off the scent! This is the cover to DC Comics' G.I. COMBAT #1, which hits the shops today and features the "New 52" take on the venerable UNKNOWN SOLDIER concept as co-scripted by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and boasting art by Dan Panosian. So, shake yourself loose from bed and haul it over to your local purveyor of quality comics fare and grab yourself a copy!